Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reflection of other blog posts

  • I love the background and how it contrasts with the writing
  • great format for the pictures and lots of pictures and gifs
  • phrased very professionally (good writing skills)
  • good bibliographies for sources
  • gifs are relevant and add to the overall appearance and effect of the content
  • great eye catching titles
  • simple, clean layout looks very professional
  • the sources have links, which is convenient
  • lots of pictures and gifs, large enough to catch attention 
  • good use of bold print/sub sections within the Haymitch article. It is divided into different specific thoughts and makes it easy to read
  • great organization of ideas in blog posts (for instance, the Dr. Carpenter lecture post)
  • lots of pictures keep interest
  • clean, organized format/layout
  • pics are very large
  • I like the picture at the top of the blog (cover pic?)
  • interesting choice of pictures. good variety

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